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Its already been just over a week! Dear Lord that's gone quick. Heres a recap of the actual travelling.

Oversized top; JDY (Via Asos) | Jeans; H&M | Cardigan; Primark 
Bag; Oasis ( Via Asos) | Shoes; Toms

I got the flight to Dubai on monday. 
I woke up early, walked! to argos, and got some new lighters 'holdalls' for my stuff. went home, packed and then made my way to town. I went for a haircut and blowdry at the Umberto Giannini salon in the Bullring, with Daniel, and left with fabulous hair that bounced everywhere. It lasted all the way till after I landed in MRU (Mauritius)! 

So I got to the airport, checked in, was over my allowance and had to remove stuff - some clothes, my yoga mat and my Nana's Bakhoor burner. Please keep in mind it was a woman who served me first. I then got a guy who let my 4KG over my allowance go. SCORE! Women on service counters can be such bitches. And as a woman, I am fully allowed to say that. 

So I sent my stuff, my then went up to security, said bye to my parents and off I went. I thought I had lost or left behind one of my makeup bags which had my miscellaneous items in, so none liquids. Like my beauty blender, my new sigma brush, my mirror, lip balm, and hair ties/clips. I didn't actually know what was in it till the flight when it all came back to me and my panic attack went from 3 to 8. Not a cheap bag to lose! Also, because I was running around trying to find someone who could help me, and the people were very friendly and helpful, I was very late to my gate. Very late.

So I got on the flight, sat next to a couple who kept kissing and taking selfies, and watched Lucy and Ek Villain. AND OMG. I asked for a Coke, and the lady asked if Pepsi was ok. :| 

I love that Emirates has this in their planes. They only turn it on at night and its like little stars! So pretty.

 Love looking at clouds. 

Arrived in Dubai at 7am local time. Got off the plane, and  headed straight for a McDonalds. I wanted Burger King, but alas there was none in my terminal. The McDonalds had no milkshakes, and I paid £10 for a burger. Well. 

Met a really nice man, purely platonic, while sitting in McDonalds and started talking to him. Passed the time and I got some good conversation in. 

Made my way over to my gate, sat down and then waited for it to open. When I got on the flight I realised how empty the plane was. We got the new airbus, which is huge, and in my 'compartment' of the place there was like .. 20 people? It was sooo empty. There were two women sitting next to me, but we all ended up sitting separately, and I had my three window seats to myself. I put on some Big Bang Theory, and then the fatigue hit me. I'd been awake since 8.30 the day before mind you. So I lay down and slept. It was such a good sleep. Landed in MRU at 4.30, went throught the whole shabang, and got picked up by my family. I didn't get a bus full of people which deeply upset me, just one car. 

It was a decent trip. I love travelling with Emirates. The food wasnt that great this time, but the entertainment made up for it. 

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  1. 10 pounds for a burger at Mc.D's?! Ouch!!!
    BTW, looking forward to the beach-y posts. :)


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