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Travel Diaries | The Beach Bag Essentials

We've mostly had rainy days during this holiday so whenever the sun was out we went to the beach and maximised our time in the sea and on the sand. I absolutely love being in the water and under the sun. However I hate dealing with my hair post swimming. My hair is naturally very coarse and curly wurly, and becomes one big tangled mess once sea water touches it. I've been using two amazing hair products to combat the dryness.

My beach bag essentials:

A nice bag:  bought this from a seller in Cannought Place, Delhi for about 150 rupees a few years ago.

Sarong:  scarf from Primark, lightweight and pretty to laze about on the beach in. 

Glasses: I wear disposable lenses while in the water (I'm very very poor sighted, and won't be able to see anyone if I don't wear them), and then throw them away when I've decided to get out of the water and sun bathe. Never ever wear monthly lenses while in water (in fact no one should be swimming in lenses as your risks of getting infections is high, but if you're like me and can barely see and you need something then opt for dailies then throw them away as soon as you're out. Never re-use them).

Sun protection: I normally stay in the sun without sun protection for an hour (I'm vitamin D deficient), plus we barely get any sun in England, so I love being in the sun, then I apply sun protection to protect my skin. This one is  La Roche Posay Anthelios Protective Oil (factor 50), and offers broad spectrum protection against both UVB and UVA rays.It is an oil and it's been a love love relationship. This is by far the best sun protection I have ever used. It is pricey (£17 ish pounds for a 200 ml bottle), but totally worth it. No sunburn in sight. 

Absolutely adore both of these products

Hair Oil: I apply this prior to going in the water to protect my hair. I've been using this hair oil for years and absolutely love it. 

Hair Masque: When I come out of the sea, I rinse my hair (there's outdoor showers), then I apply liberally, then go and relax in the sun so my hair is in really good condition by the time I go to shower back home. This hair masque is pretty diving actually. My favourite store bought mask. EVER! 

Kindle: Really great to use while sun bathing, as it's light to carry, and you can read it as if reading a real book in the sunlight (i.e. not like looking at your phone screen in sunlight). 

What are some of your beach bag essentials? 

p.s. don't be jealous of all the sea photos we've been posting. We've had one cyclone and lots of super shite weather for the past 2 weeks. 

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