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Travel Diaries | Quad Bike at Andrea Lodge

We had a quad bike session at Andrea Lodge, organised by Big Foot Adventures. The weather was pretty horrid the days leading to the day, with heavy rainfall, and we thought that we might have to cancel. We braved it and went anyway, which turned out to be great as quad biking in mud is way more fun than quad biking on dry lands. 

We drove up a dirt track to end up at the lodge, which had some pretty stunning views.

The brown is the mud from the mouth of the river! The heavy rains before this caused a lot of mud to be dislodged as you will see in the picture of the waterfall!

We were given our sexy gear, and saftey talks by our two guides, Akshay and Rodney and we saddled up. Akshay even gave me a helmet that could hold my GoPro, however the memory card ran out of memory before we even left the compound.

Most of us decided to double up and change drivers halfway through. 
I had actually toppled over with a quad bike the last time I was in Mauritius, and the group constantly reminded me of it. Grr....

The quad "track" was the dirt roads through the sugar cane fields. 

We were greeted by gorgeous blue skies, 

The great thing about the prior week raining meant there was lots of muddy puddles to drive through. I got soaked more than a few times. 

This is where I (nigar) got most muddy. Went straight through it!

We had a little river crossing, which Akshay (on the right) and Rodney (on the left) had to get off and hold the chains for us to cross with our bikes, 

and were promptly greeted by stunning views of the sea (you can't swim in these waters). 

This beach looked incredible, calm, serene and no one else there. There was a wooden ladder going down to it, although I have no idea how safe it would have been. We didn't take the chance....

We got of and went to take selfies, photos I mean. Not quite sure what these two  were looking for....

I mean really, does scenery get much better than this??

We got back on our bikes and these two (the same 2 who were looking over the rocks), drove straight into the fields. Women drivers *wink wink*. 

Our next stop; Rochester Falls. Normally a waterfall with crystal clear  waters, but it was pretty muddy with all the rains. 

Being near waterfalls is pretty rejuvenating, and it is something to do with the huge amount of ions they contain. You can read all about it here

If you've seen the movie Ek Villain, you might recognise this waterfall as where Shraddha Kapoor and her villain goes to play with butterflies. There was a young boy named Rajeev selling coconuts, and we all bought one, plus ate the cream inside the coconut, knows as "malai". 

We then drove back to the lodge, trough the fields.

This was a really fun day out and well worth the promotional offer we had (Rs 1200 per person if you shared a bike, or Rs 2000 rupees if you didn't want to share a bike. Our guides, Akshay, and Rodney were professional, and we got to view some beautiful places that are otherwise inaccessible by cars/public transport. Well worth it and highly recommended.  We were so muddy after this we took a beach recommendation from the owner (Riambel Beach) and we set off to jump in the sea (to follow).  

The details: 
Address: Andrea Lodge, Riviere des Anguilles, Savanne, South Mauritius
How to get there: Taxi or by car. No bus will go there.  
Entrance fee: Depends on promotions available at the time. Check their Facebook for current details.

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