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Travel Diaries | Some of my looks; Nigar

Those of you who follow us on Instagram would have already seen some of these looks, but here is are a few from our holiday. There are loads of outfits that I didn't photograph and now feel sad about not doing so. Oops! 

Comfortable plane look. Oversized blouse, jeans, tops and a cardigan. Details here.

Midi Bardot dress with wedges.

Black Vest, Lacey Khaftan/Kimono, Jeans and Wedges.
I also got told off for taking pictures in this store after this picture. In a perfume/makeup store. WHAT.

 Had a religious thing.

Batwinged satin top with midi scuba floral print skirt. 

Midi Dress with wedges. It also rained so bad after this. We had to run through the carpark in the rain to get to the car.

 Beach wedding.
See these two asian looks in more detail here.

 So this was a maxi dress, paired with a crop top layered on top, with sandals and my lovely fedora. I tied the dress at the hip into a knot cause it started to rain and I didn't want the dress to get wet. 

 Look at that water. Also my hips dont lie 

 Christmas Dinner look. Batwing satin top with midi scuba floral print skirt. 

Casual day out doing touristy things with the family on a bus. 
Crop top, jeans, and these funky toms. 

Erm, how fab is this hat! My cousin's. 

 New Years Eve at the beach outfit. Same Midi Bardot top worn before. With flat sandals and light up bunny ears.

Casual shopping day.
Black version of my travel day blouse, jeans and sandals. 

This outfit made me like a vixen (and without showing too much skin!) Theres just something about wearing red that boosts your confidence. 
This was a black bardot body with a red skirt and wedges.

I wish I had more pictures! Especially with the amount of clothes I took with me. 
I could recreate some of the looks I had put together if you guys want? Let me knowwww :)


  1. Ok, I LOVE your style! All those floral midis...! Love, love, loveeee!

    1. Thank youuu, I wish I'd done more with my hair now! It seems to just always be curly and down!


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