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NOTD | Negative Space Nails

We put up a nail trends post back in January showing Negative Space Nails as the big thing as featured on the catwalks for spring. After going through Pinterest last night and seeing some more amazing ones I decided to do it. We had some french manicure strips in the house from a previous eBay purchase so there was no need to plan in advance. 

I loved how the two coloured ones looked so I found two colours I had in my room, the bulk of stock is in Kay's room, and I just went for it while watching Dark Shadows. I didn't take pictures of the process, cause it was quite literally the easiest thing.

1. Base coat

2. Stick the manicure strips down and make sure its stuck properly
3. Paint over the nail, and avoid painting your skin, of course
4. Clean up with a paint/nail brush/cotton bud soaked with polish remover - or you could put some liquid latex around the nail if you happen to have some. 
5. Pull off the strips when the polish is semi dry, you don't want to do it when its still wet cause the polish might run, and you don't wanna wait till its completely dry because you might take off the whole polish. 
6. Top coat it
7. Take pictures and put it up on social media 


So I used Rimmels Out of the blue, which btw stains your skin like a B*tch, and Barry M's Speedy Polish in Eat my Dust, which a lot more pastel blue than this picture suggests. 

These are the strips I used, as linked above to the Ebay page.  

Im going to try another negative space nail design after I write this up! Now to find a movie. 
Laters! Also, if you guys have done negative space nails, please link them to me! Be that your blog, your instagram, twitter, ello .. anything :)


  1. Really like the blue color on your nails. And I was wondering how to actually do the negative space design, now it makes sense :)


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