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Comfort Food 101 | Mash Potatoes and Cheese

I am all about comfort food. I think a balance is necessary, sometimes I eat lean and clean, other times I eat shit that would make me feel bloated for the next day. It's all worth it. This is the latter. You want good for you foods, this is not it. 

This is carbs, carbs and carbs.
Potatoes. Butter. Cheese.
With some herbs thrown in.

Some people think of mashed potatoes as a side dish. Something you eat with your roast, or your chicken at Nandos. Not for me.

I've always had mash as a full meal. A full plate of starchy potatoes. 
It used to be topped off with a layer of tomato ketchup, I know right, I feel the same as you do now. Now it's moved to a layer of melted cheese. 

2/3 medium Potatoes - I like Albert Bartlett potatoes, they are red skinned, but not sweet potatoes!
Grated Cheese
Salt - we now use pink Himalayan salt
Herb of your choosing - I like thyme

A pan
A masher
A strainer


1. Put half a pan of water to boil.

2. Peel and cut your potatoes, then add them to your pan. Add your desired amount of salt.
TIP:The smaller you cut them the faster they cook.

3.  If your cheese is in a block, cut off the desired amount and grate it. 
TIP: just buy ready grated cheese. It's more or less the same price and saves so much hassle from having to grate it, to having to wash the grater.

4. Check the potatoes once the top of the water gets foamy - not sure if that's the right word, but you'll see what I mean. If your fork or knife goes in like smooth butter it's ready.

5. Empty it all into a strainer in your sink to remove the water, then put the potatoes back into the pan.

6. Add the pepper, herbs, and a decent amount of butter - the butter makes its lovely and creamy. You can also add milk here if you so choose. We don't drink cows milk so we don't have any at home most the time. 

7. Taste and see if anything missing. I find I always have to add more salt, but I'm a salt junkie. Empty into a plate or bowl, and smooth it round. 

8. Add the cheese on top and put in the microwave for 2 minutes. Check it at the 1 minute mark to check on the cheese, if you added a little amount it obviously wouldn't need so much time.

9. Take out the microwave, sit down, and eat your heart out. 

We all know that green leaf was added just for the picture. I took it off as soon as I took this picture.
I'm gonna be putting up a new more of my comfort food favourites. Easy food for lazy people! 

Eat well and prosper.

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