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Book Club | World Book Day Book Review: The Evermen Saga

Today is world book day. Woohoo!

I love reading, and wish I'd read more sometimes, or at least read better books instead of the romance and smut that I end up reading everytime I browse through Amazon's Unlimited Kindle books. 

I do, however, sometimes choose a book that is both well written and has an actual story line, or 5, that grabs you and just doesn't let go. I prefer book series, because honestly, one book just is not enough most the time. 

My latest read is The Evermen Saga by James Maxwell (I love the name Maxwell). 
Did I mention how well written it was?!  I think its the commas. I will have a paragraph made up of one sentence if possible and use a million commas and think nothing of it. Apart from a feeling of immense pride. But then again the way he uses words to describe the settings, the people, the events, is also something that grips me. Like, I don't remember the last time I read a book so well written. Bit obsessed. Gonna study this guy's writing style and steal it. Bet he doesn't use the word gonna. 

The series contains four core books, with one spin-off:
The Hidden Relic
The Path of the Storm
 The Lore of the Evermen
Seven Words of Power (spin-off)

The books follow a series of characters who are all interlinked, think GOT style. The main characters of the first book are;
 Ella, a young orphan girl who has a florist stall in the market in order to raise the funds for her to get into the Academy of Enchanters. Since she left her school early in order to work full time to raise such funds, she is unable to join until she receives a letter of recommendation from the wife of the High Lord of Altura, where she lives, who was a patron of her flower store. Ella graduates as one of the brightest enchantresses the academy has seen, and some of her later actions has undesired repercussions which worsen the situation for Altura, as well as Ella, in this war. 
Miro, Ella's brother who is training to become a soldier for the army, and after is selected to join the elite 'blade singers' is sent to fight in the upcoming war with the Empire, and some of the 'houses' of the country. He grows and flourishes, expanding his skill of his enchanted blade, and forming some strong friendships with his comrades as well as earning their respect for more than one reason. Which shall be left undisclosed.

There seems to be no point to this war apart from bloodshed until we meet some other characters later on. No spoilers!
Killian, Evora, High Lord Tessalor, Primate, who's name has escaped me, Layla, are just a few to name.

I'm only on the second book but know already that this series has made it up there as one of my favourites.

At the time of this post the book was available for free through Amazon's Kindle Unlimited service, otherwise it's only £1.99 for Kindle or £5.70 for the paperback version! Link here.

So I read some of the reviews on Amazon that gave this book 1 star. Lets begin with those people saying it was for tweens/teens and not adults; just because you're old and cynical and have no imagination don't blame the author. I took these comments so personally it's ridiculous. Secondly, others had a problem with the 'thin' storyline and the fact that they 'didn't get to know the characters' more than the initial outline of them. WHAT. Seriously do you skim read on the tube to work in the mornings. I could go on. But I shall stop here.

Let me know if you guys have read this and what you thought of it. Or, recommendations for my next fantasy read!


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