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Hair Diaries | Blue Hair

manic panic rockabilly blue on dark hair
natural light, no flash

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram then you already know I have partially blue hair currently! And I love it so much. It's totally me. Long story but I've wanted blue hair since I was about 16 and I remember going to a salon in Mauritius and when the girl told me she'll have to bleach my hair I thought she meant using toilet bleach so I was very horrified inside and politely declined ad opted for red highlights instead.

This is a very easy look to achieve and if you're not brave to fully commit to an alternative colour like Nigar then I recommend giving this a go. I already had an ombre/balayage type thing going on which I re-did with bleach to lighten the hair slightly. I then washed the hair + dried it, and applied the blue dye and left that on for about 2 hours. The blue dye I used was Manic Panic in Rockabilly Blue which I purchased from Amazon. This is a conditioning hair dye so it doesn't matter how long you leave it on, it will not damage your hair. One tub was just about enough to cover all my blonde bits; I did not add the dye to my dark hair. The dye is great to use, comes in a great range of shades, and are vegan.
If you're hair isn't pre-lightened then it would need to be pre-lightened, otherwise you would just end up with a "tint" and not a vibrant colour. 

Application was super easy: 

Apply the dye to your hair, and massage until it becomes foamy. Simples! 

Word of warning though, this colour stains like a b***h. It rubs off pillows when sleeping and when wet it stains white tops. Which I don't mind as I love the results so much and thinks it's worth it. Just use dark pillowcases and darker towels and don't wear white clothes while your hair is wet. I also applied this colour to my hair without gloves and I stained my hands and I looked like an extra on the sets of Avatar (separate post on how to remove from your skin coming up soon).

The colour does wash out when you shower (this is a temporary dye), and in the picture above that was after my 4th wash so it is still going strong. The darker blue is the colour of the actual dye, it became that blue where the hair was blonder and a different tone where the hair was less blonde. The overall results are stunning.

manic panic rockabilly blue on dark hair
with flash 
I'm thinking of experimenting with different colours when this one washes out completely. Any recommendations?  What are your opinions on alternative hair colours? If there was nothing stopping you what is the ultimate hair colour you'd love to be? 

My advice if you're thinking about a "different" hair colour then GO FOR IT. Absolutely worth it.

Share your thoughts.


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