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Monday Mani | Minimalist White

white manicure on medium skintone, revlon sure thing

The white manicure was a Spring trend last year and it is here to stay. It is chic, sophisticated and "looks" effortlessly cool. I say "look" because well it isn't really always effortless to apply as white is not the most forgiving colour.

Many people hate this look because apparently this reminds them of using Tipp-Ex (Wite Out to you Americans?) to paint this nails white while at school. I think I'm one of the few people who did not do this! Also I can appreciate the sentiment and have seen some very badly painted white nails that I have personally wanted to remove on people's nails. But when applied correctly it is drool-worthy.

The best thing about the white manicure is that it looks good on any nail shapes (oval, almond, square, squoval, witchy) and any nail length (long, medium or short), unlike some colours that only look good on specific nail length or shapes.

This colour dictates an unspoken confidence (which sorta says "I'm cool, so?") and takes you to a whole new level that's usually reserved for the red lipstick. It instantly takes any outfit from "meh" to "ah".

And for all the Desi girls, don't worry the white most definitely does not make us look grey or ashy or pasty or ill like some colours can :) 

white manicure on medium skintone, revlon sure thing

The white manicure is one that jewellery also look great on, perfect for those of us who loves to stack our rings (this is a bit less for me as I could not find my little stash of silver midi rings which I am guessing Nigar has "borrowed"). 

Or for the less adventurous of you, you could try it as your pedicure colour. 

white manicure on medium skintone, revlon sure thing

I used Revlon Colorstay Gel Colour in Sure Thing, a base coat underneath and a top coat on top. 

What are your feelings on the white manicure? love? loathe? don't care? share below :) 


  1. I SO wish I could do this - I love how fresh and clean white manis look but with all the desi cooking I do it's just not practice. My white mani would end up looking like a haldi mani :|

    1. LOLLL
      Mine too! I dont cook that much, but once I was using haldi in a curry and it came away looking yellow!

  2. love the white mine and those silver rings are gorgeous

  3. I love to do nail polish so much


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