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OOTD | When in London

I love oversized everything.

Oversized tops, oversized bags, oversized clutches, oversized desserts. So when I saw this dress on Asos a couple of months ago I just had to get it. In all honesty, I bought it at the same time as my birthday dress, and had fully intended to send it back, but that didn't happen as I fell in love with it as soon as I put it on. It's perfect. Decent neck, sleeves, and of course oversized. Even the colour is beautiful. Also, I'm a closet boho, so anything in this style I gravitate to.

We went to London this past weekend as we had cousins over from France & Mauritius and decided to become tourists. Comfort and style had to be both considered here. I would have worn my slip ons from Primark, but they got soaked the day before from a trip to Drayton Manor and so that was out of play, so that left a simple pair of black flats that I'd carried home with me from Manchester. I wore a cream mac on top for warmth from the unreliable English weather, and a yellow bag that was a last minute change from the black, smaller, bag that I had intended to carry.

I kept jewellery very minimum with some simple gold pieces of which I didn't get a picture of .. oops! You can see glimpes here and there on the pictures. The earrings are those through earrings, that you pull through your ear. Pretty pair from Primark!

Dress: Asos Reclaimed Vintage | Bag: Boohoo | Mac: Primark | Shoes: Primark


  1. Love the outfit. And the images are so cute!

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  3. You are looking so amazing i really love your dress and hair color combination

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