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Monday Mani | Pink & Navy Floral Nails

Here's a simple nail art design. I got inspiration of this picture here - found the original blog post! I absolutely loved this. I was scrolling through Pinterest, as you do, and saw this and went for it! Picked up the colours on Saturday as I like, 10 polishes here in Manchester (moved up for work), as opposed to the 300 we have at home! 

Please ignore the shoddy pictures, I'm using my phone as the bad ass camera is back in Birmingham. 

Obviously you can change the colours, but here are the ones I used.
BarryM: Black Berry, Fondant & Sky Blue
Revlon Colour Stay: Sure Thing
Kay blogged about this a couple of weeks ago here.

Here's what it looked like before the flowers. Not all that. 

I used paint brushes to simply draw on the petals on the edges of my nails. I then went in with the lighter blue on the navy flowers - with a smaller brush - and a black on the pink flowers.

I topped it all off with Glisten & Glow by H K Girl Top Coat. 

Its not as clean cut and polished like the inspiration, but what can you do.

Hope you guys liked this!
Have a good week guys! 


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