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Hair Diaries | Nigar | Cutting all Thy Hair Off

Well this is a loooooooooooooooooooooong over-due post.

As mentioned in previous posts, such as here, my hair journey in the past couple of months had fried my hair. Like, beyond repair fried. 

I'm not going to go into detail of it again as the thought of it makes me teary and hate life. So after my hair started to snap off, I realised it was only a matter of time before I had to cut it all off. Just over a month ago that time came. Around a half of my hair had already snapped off, around 4/5 inches, so I booked an appointment, got a Groupon, at Adee Phelan in Birmingham and went to get my hair hacked off. 

I had to put on a brave face, but inside I was dying. I'd gone through my bob length hair phase and wasn't one I wanted to revisit. Alas. What's done is done. 

I didn't ask for a particular hair style, just asked the stylist to cut it to a length where the snapped bits would blend in. 

My hair overall is a hell of a lot healthier and I'm not terrified to run a brush through it anymore. It doesn't take as much time to wash, dye, dry, style, but I also can't do as much with it .. such as a bun! I can't put my hair into a bun. THE HORROR! So just waiting for my bob to become a lob, and I'll be happier. 

Enjoy some pictures, and let me know what you think!

Joking about the hair cut in the magazine 



It's so very 90's. And I don't really like it straight! It looks weird.

So I keep it wavy/curly. Just depending on how it works out on the day. I use my GHD straighteners to create the waves as my curlers don't really work well, and don't give me the curls that I want. So pulling my straighteners through is just what I needs. I don't do much to the back just because that's the shortest and most damaged bit, which still actually snaps off when pulling too much. 

Here are some more pics .. In chronological order!

Changing room selfie where you can see both the front and the back!

This was after a colour refresh of Directions Lilac.

This is the bush as it is after blow drying!


  1. Hi Nigar.. Not sure if this question comes across as insensitive fell free to avoid answering if you dont want to.. i wanted to know - when you were going through the chopping of you mane, did you regret at you dyed your hair purple.. or was it worth it? would you do it again?

    1. Not insensitive at all! I'd rather be open about it completely so people can learn from my experience.

      I don't regret going purple at all! I absolutely loved it.
      I'd change how it happened though, yeah.
      -> Extend the length of time I spent going through the process
      -> Using the correct products
      -> Trying to get my hands on some Olaplex .. or slathering on more coconut if that wasn't possible

      I had expected damage yeah, but my hair snapping as much as it did was not something I expected, and yeah, it was an adjustment.
      We're (me and Kay) blessed with thick healthy natural hair, and its only when I dont have that anymore that I've properly started to appreciate it.
      I've thought long and hard about whether to do my roots as my hair grows, and I know I don't want to. I want my healthy hair back! I'll keep colouring the hair that's already bleached though!

    2. Thanks so much for being so forthright about it! love you girls!

  2. Nice Hair.

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