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Shopping Review | Firmoo Online Glasses

I love new glasses. I cannot go into Specsavers without trying a couple on! 
We got an email from Firmoo a couple of weeks ago offering us a free pair to review and I was like; Eh Yes Please! 

There's a wide range to choose from on the site, and the site is really easy to navigate.
That itself is a big up. I can't handle badly designed shopping websites.

Choose between glasses or sunglasses, material, gender, shape, size and price range. So it's easy to get the pair you want. Also, the prices are amazing! The most expensive one I saw was £26.91. Which, if you normally get your glasses from opticians, is amazing! 

Here's the pair I chose:


Here is the link to the glasses on the website.

They're big yes. But I like bigger glasses. Have done for many years now since my first big pair. You see everything! With smaller frames there's always blind spots, which, if you're only using it for reading might be great, but for people who can't see further than half their arms length away, they are pointless! These are my biggest pair so far, probably a little too big, but I do love them. Also, they don't clash that bad with my hair! I did plan on getting the tortoise ones, but accidentally gotten the burgundy ones. Oops! 

When Ordering:

You can chose between
-> Single Vision
-> Multifocal
-> Non-RX (none prescription)

I'm single vision so that means so there are more options like:
-> Distance
-> Reader
-> Intermediate 

I am Distance. Then you fill out the prescription form including the Pupillary Distance. I'm warning you guys! When you go get your prescription ask for this! I had to do it at home and I think I may have measured wrong! The glasses are a little bit off for me, I feel like it's too strong, but its gotten better as I wear it, but has caused headaches, so that's obviously a no no. When I order again I'll be getting it measured professionally!

The site is that they have a feature that lets you try the glasses on a picture so you can get an idea of how they would be in real life. Its not the best, as you can't move the glasses once its placed it on your face. It asks for your Pupillary Distance and then it asks you to select both of your pupils. This is what they looked like on my picture.

Its not entirely accurate in terms of the middle of my face, but that might be the picture, but in terms of size as well, they aren't accurate. Its a lot bigger in real life. Look at that difference!

Delivery was really fast and came via DPD, so you know its safe. I had an issue with my case, which came a little bit damaged, but as it was well packaged, it must have been damaged before it was packaged and sent off. 
update: I did point this out in my correspondence to the company, and was told that they check the packages before they send it, so it must have happened whilst in transit.

Let me know if you guys have used Firmoo before or are thinking of it!

Much Love!


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