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Comfort Food 101 | Chip Omlette

Remember my last comfort food post? The cheesy mash full of carbs?
This is another favourite of mine. Mommy learnt this from an old employer when she was in Italy, and I love this woman to having brought this into my life! 

Chip omelette! 
But I use fries. That I usually buy from the takeaway across the road.
You can oven bake your own chips/fries for some healthier feels, but that just takes longer and this is comfort food. Fast, easy, and guaranteed to make you full and happy. I can't stress how simple this is. Like for real. Its an omelette! 

4 Eggs
Large Portion of Fries
Coconut Oil

This is the proportion that I use:


1. Break the Eggs and mix. Along with your pepper and salt - according to your own tastes.

2. Add the Chips.

3. Put in your oil.

4. Pour in your mixture and make sure the egg spreads throughout.

5. Flip it over. Check the other side before flipping it so you don't end up breaking it. Sometimes I break it on purpose through the middle so it doesn't break up ugly-ly. I was so lucky here.

6. When the side is cooked, serve up with your sauce. And Eat. Enjoy.

Dude, you don't even know the joy of this meal. Just go make it. And then we'll talk!


  1. OMG! this sounds and looks absolutely delicious. I'm trying this over the weekend for sure

  2. That looks sooo yummy that's my 2 additional stones right there! X

  3. Oh my gosh, that looks so good! Will definitely have to try it!


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