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Hair Diaries | As I Am Coconut Cleansing Conditioner Co-Wash + My Current Hair Washing Routine

Its been a year now since we posted a round-up of our favourite shampoos.
Kayennat shared her favourite sulphate free shampoos, and I stated I wasn't fussed about my shampoo. I was speaking to a friend who reads our blog and said that she made her shampoo choices based on it! I was so proud I did a little dance inside. So that's when I mentioned this cleanser and realised I had never actually mentioned it anywhere!

So fast forward a year from that previous post and A LOT has changed. Obviously my hair is completely different now; shorter, more damaged, and 'bright' coloured (as in not your standard red, brown, black, blonde). Now while this wasn't the reason I changed my shampoo, it has definitely helped with the whole process. 

The As I Am Coconut Co-Wash is what I am talking about. 

This isn't a sulphate free shampoo, its a cleansing conditioner. Like a sulphate free shampoo it doesn't foam, which can sometimes be a bit difficult to comprehend as you don't know if its properly washed. That was my issue to begin with anyway. However, Kayennat had bought it and I used it, that's how most things happen in our household, and I loved it.

I can't remember exactly when I started using it, but it was after we came back from Mauritius and so it was late January/early February. We're on our sixth pot in 8/9 months. However, remember, there 2 of us that uses it, and I was living out for 4 months and I had only bought 2 in that time.

I started using this before I had bleached my hair, and loved it even then. Since then, I have used nothing else, minus my Bleach London Purple Shampoo for the occasional colour tone.

Talking of the price now. We used to buy this from Amazon, and used to pay £9.99 on Prime. However, we have found a cheaper seller, not on Prime or free shipping, but it works out to £5.77 with £1.92 shipping = £7.69. Again, however, we have found out that the Afro hair shops dotted around the place and its £5.99 so its great and I think that's a great price, seeing as I used to pay £9.99 before! 

So the main aim of this cleansing conditioner is to target curly hair. Unfortunately I do not have curly hair, I have no hair, so I can't comment on how it works with curls.
Kayennat says: her hair was less frizzy, hence more defined, but that happens whenever she uses a cleansing conditioner of any kind - however she does only wash her hair only every 7-10 days and more often than not blow dries it after. 

Things I love about it:

Pretty thick - as it is in a pot this is great, so its not sliding everywhere when you take the product out.
It conditions as well - I would never, NEVER suggest that you don't use a conditioner while washing your hair, but, this conditions as it cleans .. I mean it is a cleansing conditioner! 
Smell - it is coconut, so obviously there is a slight coconut smell, but it is very artificial coconut-y.
Longevity - Even when my hair was long this lasted a long time. Now, it can last a good 2 and half months with usage every 2/3 days.


How I use it:
Make sure thy hair is really wet. Just sticking your hair under the shower hose isn't good enough as the cleanser won't distribute properly through your hair. I go for half a handful to begin with, slather it everywhere and then if I feel like I need more I add more. 
I leave it on for a couple on minutes, while I scrub or shave and then wash it out. 
I skip on a normal conditioner and go straight to a deep conditioner, or two. These three are the ones I reach to at the moment:
Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Hair Masque
Schwarzkopf Keratin Restore Blonde mask
L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Summer Saviour Nourishing Mask

Final Thoughts:

I do love this shampoo. I love everything about it. I've stuck with it for 8/9 months! So if that isn't a good long trial then I don't know what it! I also have no plans to change it anytime soon. It's a great cleanser, doesn't strip your hair, and leaves it so soft. (But please don't forget to condition after.)

We've bought the leave in conditioner as well now so trying that out!

Here's the current situation in our shower
Let me know if you guys try this!
Now I leave you with some pictures of my hair. 

Laters, baby.

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