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Monday Mani | Gold Leaf

While cleaning out some drawers recently I found some gold leaf foil paper that Kayennat had bought and I instantly though nail art! I decided to go for a white to best showcase the gold, and because, why not? White is a great nail colour, as we've mentioned previously

The one thing I'm going to say is that this was so messy. I don't think I'm going to do it again, and instead use the plastic wrap technique that I used here. I did document it though, and if you guys want inspiration for your nails, or even an accent nail, which would be so much better, then here you go!

Attack that gold leaf paper. Attack it and make it into tiny, easy to use pieces. 
Apply a thin layer of clear top coat and using your finger or tweezers, place the pieces of goldness.

This shit gets messy. I have gold specs still stuck to my table!

 When dry, use tweezers to rip the excess off.
File the bumpy bits off to smooth it down so you're not giving yourself a papercut every five minutes. and apply a final top coat to secure all your hard work!

And Voila!
Never again fo' sure. I mean, I will definitely do something with it, but not this.  

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