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Monday Mani | Parakeet & A Secret Anamika Khanna Dupe

American Apparel Parakeet nail polish

I picked up a few nail polishes from American Apparel on the weekend (only 4 okay, they were buy one get one free so bargain really!). I've been eyeing them for a little while and I finally caved in. I opted for 2 safe colours and 2 colours that I wouldn't normally sport; this green "Parakeet" being one of them. 

American Apparel Parakeet nail polish

American Apparel Parakeet nail polish

The colour is so pretty, the formula very creamy, and the drying time was very quick. This is the perfect summer colour (well if you in England, then did we even have a Summer??? but anything to make us feel better really). I skipped a top coat because I wanted to keep the semi matte finish of this colour as it gives the polish an extra edge. 

If you ever saw the following image of the model wearing Anamika Khanna in Vogue circa 2009 then this is a really good dupe! 

American Apparel Parakeet nail polish, Anamika Khanna mint green nail polish

This would be a great colour to wear when you have a weekend wedding where you'll have no time to change your nail polish in between functions, as the mint green colour would provide a beautiful pop of refreshing colour against your Desi outfits. 

American Apparel nail polishes can be picked up from Selfridges stores and American Apparel stores in the UK. 


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