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Food Diaries | Spicy Parsley Butter Prawns with Baby Potatoes

This meal. Oh I have been living off this. 
I have only just discovered prawns (I don't venture much when it comes to food) and as soon as I had one my the bro-in-laws prawns that Kay made I was hooked. I felt like Liv in iZombie with the brains. All I wanted was prawns all the time. Expensive habit I tell you now.

Not many people have tried this when I've made it, but one person, a former chef may I point out, said it opened her tastebuds. BOOM.

As always, please take measurements lightly, adjust to your tastes, and depending on how much you will eat. I eat a whole pack of prawns, whereas my dad only eats half a pack. So basically I am a closet fatty. I prefer king prawns since they decrease in size when cooked, so just better to use bigger prawns then to use smaller ones.

King Prawns
Salt - I only use Pink Himalayan Salt
Black Pepper - I lost count at 20 twists of this btw
Crushed Chillies
Garlic - You can use fresh garlic, but powder is just easier for me
A Lemon

Salad leaves - Spinach and  only for me
Handful of baby potatoes 
Butter for cooking - you can of course change this to oil


1.Cut your potatoes accordingly, I use to cook them without chopping them, but this is more efficient. 
2. Season with salt and Pepper, and then drizzle with a cap full of oil. Sit aside to marinate.

3. Wash your prawns and deposit in a bowl.
4. Go ahead and marinate it the the salt, pepper, parsley, garlic, chillies and then drizzle with lemon juice. I use half a lemon. Mix well! Set this aside as well to marinate for a little bit.

5. Cut some butter and put into a pan to melt. I use a griddle pan and about two 1cm blocks of butter. 
6. When it's melted and a little hot, throw the prawns in and allow to cook.

7. At the same time, put the potatoes in the microwave for about 4 minutes, just depending on how many potatoes you have, and how big they are. Check on them half way through the time to make sure you're not dehydrating them.
8. Keep moving the prawns around, either by being a master chef and tossing them, or using a spatula. When the prawns start to brown, take them out of the pan and into a plate.
9. Do the same with the potatoes, and your salad.

I add a bit of Encona Original Sauce for the potatoes. And Enjoy!

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