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DesiGram | Priyanka Chopra Slaying It

The one and only original desi girl Priyanka Chopra is absolutely slaying it at the moment. Not only did she earn rave reviews for the role of Kashi in Bajirao Mastani, but she just went ahead & won the best actress in a new TV series trophy at the People's Choice Awards, & landed on the cover on Elle USA. Not usually a fan of Priyanka's style but she looks smokin' at the award show and on the cover of the magazine wearing Valentino. Hats off to her for breaking glass ceilings; in a world where desis are pretty much ignored in the media (at least in the positive light), she's out there making her mark. Congratulations to her and excited to see what else she does in the future. 

   Priyanka wearing Vera Wang to the People's Choice Awards 

Love that she isn't afraid to post silly pictures like this. 

Looking perfect wearing Valentino 


  1. Love seeing the mainstream success of a desi girl :)

  2. Fashion Of Priyanka Chopra Speaks Louder Than Words. Love Piggy Chops.


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