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Hair Diaries | Manic Panic Purple Haze

I'd asked you guys to help me decide on my next hair colour and thank you all for voting. Purple won, followed by teal and green. 

I ordered my purple hair dye and off I went. It didn't end up like the purple I had wanted (I'm pretty sure the inspiration picture is purple chalk actually), but it was pretty nonetheless. 

 The after:

Here's a reminder of the before: 

We had to use flash to capture this colour, as it was impossible to capture due to it being Winter at the moment. It was very subtle in low levels of light. 

Surprisingly this hair dye didn't last very long (about 4 washes which for me meant 4 weeks) and it left a very soft purple brown hue when it washed out.
I picked up my manic panic dye from Amazon, and they tend to stock up the majority of the colours. I've also seen the colours in "alternative" stores although I've never checked the price. 

What are we thinking people? Share your thoughts below. 

If you follow us on Instagram you'd know I've already moved on to a new and very different hair colour..... 


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