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Hair Diaries | Red Ombre

I was walking the aisles of Superdrug, a bit upset that there were no new Barry M nail polishes when I saw a new hair dye on offer. I had been a bit obsessed with Katrina's red hair from Fitoor so I thought why not. I grabbed a box of Crimson Red and came home a bit chirpier. The previous purple had left a soft brow stain on my blondish ombre locks so I used some hair bleach to strip it out. 

colour freedom crimson red on dark hair

The Colour Freedom hair dye is to be applied to wet hair so this was easier for me as I didn't have to dry my hair after washing out the bleach (OMG drying my hair takes a good 30 minutes on a GOOD day). I applied the hair dye and left it on for about 7 hours (these are conditioning hair dyes so it does not harm your hair). I washed, dried and styled it,  & I was so blown away by how vibrant the red was. 

colour freedom crimson red on dark hair

This colour does not rub off clothes and nor on the pillowcases (this was an issue with my blue hair). It's been 4 weeks (5 hair washes for me) and it's still going strong.

colour freedom crimson red on dark hair
You're going to have to get past me looking like I have no brows here. I didn't fill them in, and the picture was taken in bright sunlight. 

Absolutely love this hair colour and the dye (it smelled very nice), plus there was dye leftover to top up once the colour starts fading. I picked up mine from Superdrug for £4.99 (it was on offer, regular price is £6.99 which is still cheaper than Manic Panic). There is a pasteliser as well to mix with the oclours to get more pastel shades. There are a few other colours I have my eyes on, so watch this space :) I'm thinking maybe do a mix of blue and purple strands? Or maybe grey ends? 

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Share your thoughts below. Tell me you love the red as much as I do? 


  1. Looks beautiful! I normally wash mine in cold water when I have crazy color in (if I can be bothered) - stops it from fading =) grey would look cool too, thinking of it myself! I tried the oil masking tutorial with coconut oil and it worked a treat too! Hope u r doing good x

  2. Beautiful :) But I would of liked to see your hair colour before :)

  3. You are the very bright red hair color. It is very nicely sets off the color of your eyes and a beautiful tan. You look great.

  4. Oh, this color drives me crazy, bloody Merry, the wife of Dracula. Thanks for sharing photos, would you like to keep it?

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