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Hair Diaries | Little Green Nymph

manic panic enchanted forest on dark hair, green hair

The red faded to a pretty colour (didn't take a picture sorry, but if you follow us on Snapchat {user name thedesidossier}, then you've seen it constantly. It then changed to this: 

this was 8 days post wash 
and while it looked pretty still, I was ready for a change, I used 1 round of bleach to take the ombre a bit higher and a bleach bath all over to lighten the overall tone of the hair by a shade or two (again no pictures as I was on my own). I then applied Manic Panic Enchanted Forest (on dry hair) and let it soak in my hair for an hour, wrapped in cling film/ saran wrap I rinsed, and deep conditioned, dried and styled. 


manic panic enchanted forest on dark hair, green hair

This is such a gorgeous colour and looks really stunning in real life. Plus it didn't rub off on my pillows like the blue used to :) Score. 

I picked mine up Amazon but you can also pick it up from Asos (which does international deliveries). It is cheaper on Amazon by about £2, although 10% off from Asos if you're a student. Uff. 

top tip: use glove for these dyes (vegetable dyes) they stain so badly and it can be a bitch to get them off your skin. 

What are thinking guys? I absolutely love it. 
Share your thoughts below. 

click to see the following: red ombre, purple ombre, blue ombre 


  1. Looks good.
    Does coloring hair spoil the texture of hair in longterm?

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  3. Very unusual choice of color for the hair dye. I really enjoyed the combination of colors and how well the work has been done on the hair painting.

  4. God, this color is so beautiful, something like a ghost. You deserve the name green nymph for 100%. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You have a very beautiful hair color, but I probably would not have decided on such a co-ordinate change of the image.


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