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Where have we been ..?

Hey Guys! 

Sorry for being MIA for a while now, we both got caught up with life and haven't really had the chance or the motivation to blog. Recently we've been bad on Instagram too! Oops.

We're gonna get better and ease back into blogging and regularly posting again.

We have a few posts up that are way beyond due so they'll be coming out first before we get some new content up. 

A quick catch up!

-> Both mine and Kayennat's hair has changed again since the last time we've blogged, so if you want to keep upto date it's best to do so on Instagram as we'll be going back to posting regular updates on that first! She has already posted her newest colour on the blog, so if you've missed it, here it is!

-> Kayennat has now finished university and I have started a new(ish) job, (have I mentioned this before?) but it ran me to the ground mentally and hence why I'd go home and just want to chill. 

-> I have yet to do my room tour after redoing it a year and a half ago now, find the post from October 2014 here! My god I'm bad at updating. There's a couple of things I want to add to my room before I get this post up though. I few more DIY bits that I've yet to do. But will defo document if its worthwhile! 

-> We'll be getting back to our regular Mani Mondays as well! Starting tomorrow! So watch out for that!

Sorry again guys and thanks for being loyal readers!


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