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Update, again!

Hello to the people that still come here! Thank you!

We've more or less disappeared off the blogger-sphere, and its for the simple reason that we don't have much to blog about. We never wanted to blog for the sake of blogging, which is why we kind of just stopped, we lost the passion for it. However, we've been playing with the idea of coming back. I honestly miss blogging. It was such an amazing creative outlet that I don't get anywhere else. 

Last year my job was pretty intense, for me, but it's loosened up a bit so I'm not leaving the house at 8 and coming home at 6/7, which was actually better then what Kayennat has to deal with now with her job, so I can't complain too much, as I know other have it bad. But I now have time! So the idea is I will be easing back into blogging slowly, and see how it goes. Please continue your support and patience with us!

So a quick life update?

Our bunny passed away last year, he hasn't featured much in the blog, but there's a few pictures around in the archives. While it was heart breaking, we had him for 4 years, 2 of which he has become partially disabled due to a parasite, it was time to let him go and he will always bring joy to us when thinking of him.

We then got a cat. I've been after a cat my entire life. And knowing my luck, I got a sassy cat. We named it Mushu, after the dragon from Mulan. We thought it was a boy at first, we got her when she was around 3 months old, but when I took her to the vet, he informed me I had on my hands a girl. Another girl to add to the household. I had been informed previously that boy cats are more fun, which is why I was initially disappointed, like an Asian parent being informed they'd conceived a girl, but I got over it, because she was my cat, and I would love her regardless. Dramatic much?

BUT OMG SHES FULL OF SASS! She's such a rat. But she's my rat. We think she's part Maine Coon, due to her fluffiness, but she's a moggy, as we met the mother and the mother was just a standard cat. Here she is in all her sassiness and cuteness. 

We went back to Mauritius in April for our cousins wedding. Can I just say that we were terrible at taking pictures this time round. I swear we got like 100 pics of the whole holiday, and all of the good ones are already on Instagram. So lets not even go there. There will be no holiday posts. Because we sucked at life whilst on holiday.

Also, I am now officially getting married! Those of you who follow us on Instagram know this already, but me and my OH have been talking about it for a while, and we decided to take the plunge in January. We went to get the ring back in March, but as I was in Mauritius in April, knowing my luck again, I missed out on getting my ring before I left by a day! We made it social media official around a week ago. Cause it's not official unless its on Facebook right?

So expect to see some wedding related posts soon. 

It's going to be a pretty toned down affair. Me and my fiance are pretty chill, and don't want anything too extravagant. I mean I would have had it in a barn if barns were available at the later end of the year and held all our guests, which is going to be 'small', for a Desi wedding. I'm a closet hippy.

But literally nothing has been done apart from booking the venue, buying my Asian outfits, which I picked up whilst in Mauritius, and speaking to my photographer. Which I guess are three of the main things, but with just over 4 months to go, its going to be in October btw, I do feel like I am playing with fire. 

We're waiting for Ramadan to end before we get on with it, but in the mean time, its a lot of time being spent on Pinterest to see what I like. 

I think that's all for now!

Hope to have another post out soon guys. Thanks for dealing with us!

Much Love,


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