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Nigars Wedding DIY: Invitations

So here's the first Wedding DIY post! Don't kill me for the timing of this. I suck, I know!

I wanted to do my own cards after finding the ones I was liking on Etsy and Notonthehighstreet a little bit too expensive. This way, I could incorporate the fonts that I like, and the colours that I want, without having to sacrifice anything. Now, I'm not a graphic designer, so these aren't works of art, but I feel a level of accomplishment and do love them. I was going to get them printed via an actual invitation website at first, but then decided to try MOO a try, and they had an offer on everything on the site at the time I was ordering these! With a very healthy 25% off. 

I came up with two designs, which I put forward to Saf and the Family. A watercolour one, and a floral. The watercolour one won out, but I'll add the floral one anyway, cause I still liked it! Everything was done on Photoshop. Also, I've removed/covered some personal information.

Details of fonts and brushes below.

I also made different cards for RSVPs, Gift lists, Civil Ceremony and Nikkah.

I put the RSVP's and the gift list on one side each of a business card, and the Civil and Nikkah invites on different cards.

I ordered the Civil and Nikkah cards from Vista Print, as the offer with Moo had finished at the point I had organised a venue for the Nikkah. 

Making your own invites isn't for everyone. Especially if there's different parts to it. Oh, and I had to order envelopes from ebay cause I forgot to get them from Moo when I placed the order! Grrrrr. 

There is also one other aspect to my invites that I know I definitely wanted to add. Wooden magnet save the dates. I kept these simple, as I wanted these to be a nice little keepsake, and only sent them to the people who were invited to our actual marriage, on Friday 13 October, for our Nikkah and Civil Ceremony. 

Everything apart from the invites were from Ebay. 
I was initially going to carve out our initials on the wood, but it looked silly, so I bought a personalised stamp, I sent the seller a copy of our initials in our logo font, and used that to stamp on the magnets. BTW, he was so efficient, it came the next day! 
Underneath the logo I wrote out our date, and then stuck on the magnets with a hot glue gun. It was a nice little task to do. 

The Envelopes: Here
The Brown Twine: Here
The Blue and White String: Here
The Wood Slices: Here
The Magnets: Here
The Stamps: Here

I then just put everything together, tied it up with either twine or blue and white sting, and off it went!

So after I got everything, this is what it all looked like together!

Guys, I miss planning for this stupid day. Is that sad?


Fonts used: 
Names on card: Hijrnotes, download here
Logo: Before the Rain, download here
Date: Gabriola, not custom
Text: Eras Medium, not custom

Photoshop Brushes:
Peonies: Download here
Leaves: Download here
Watercolour Splats: For the life of me I cannot remember as I downloaded 5 different packs, but they were from Brusheezy.


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