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We were both born in Mauritius, and moved to England when we were children, where we much prefer it. We are so similar but oh so very different, as you will see from those few little comments that Kay likes to put into my posts! (Written by Nigar.)

This an Asian lifestyle blog; with a strong focus on all things which makes a desi. We love Asian fashion, Asian food, Asian beauty. We write about beauty, fashion, DIY's, fitness, life events, and Nails. We love nails. 

We both love making cakes/cupcakes and like to make too much for people to eat on every occasion.

We pride ourselves on being honest, we're the friends who would tell you when a dress makes you look unflattering, or if you have spinach stuck in your teeth. 
We don't do fake, and we only recommend stuff that we'd spend our own money on. If we wouldn't buy it then we don't talk about it. Unless we're lusting of course.

Thank you everyone to taking the time out of your day to visit our blog.

Much love, 

Nigar and Kayennat

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